Black Friday Shoppers Going Gaga For Televisions

Black Friday Shoppers Going Gaga For TelevisionsDoorbuster makes deal on LCD TVs drawing Black Friday shoppers to the big box stores on the thanksgiving evening.

Isabel Baez, a person who waited outside of Best Buy, started his waiting at 11 a.m. on the last Wednesday.

“I came up with my tent, book, and sleeping bag. I just entered and got stuck in the reins,” said Baez. “The main purpose was to just have fun. Enjoy yourself, try to be early, and don’t get impatient if someone stands in front of you in line.”

An hour prior to the Best Buy’s opening the line suddenly stretched not only circumscribing the building, but also around the parking lot. Porta-potties were positioning nearby for overnight campers, and law enforcers patrolled the area.

The big store handed out tickets and maps to the 1st shoppers in the line, who stood mainly for deals on TVs, tablets and gaming systems.

One of the most popular sales was 42-inch LCD TV at $199.99.

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