AT&T Arranged $4 Billion As A Breakup Fee For T-Mobile

AT&T $4 Billion Breakup Fee T-Mobile Noticing a sign of the dimming of merger prospects, AT&T declared on Thursday that it’s going to charge $4 billion in this quarter for covering part of the break-up fee that it’s going to owe, if the attempt to take over T-Mobile doesn’t gain regulatory approval as it expected.

The company’s move appeared a couple of days following the FCC’s unusual step claiming that AT&T has proposed a takeover T-mobile by $39 billion. FCC is now heading towards an administrative hearing. Meanwhile, the maneuver, sign of deal’s opposition, has made FCC the 2nd regulator to monitor.

The Department of Justice has filed antitrust lawsuit in last August in order to block the merger. Deutsche Telekom AG (T-mobile’s parent company) and AT&T are now preparing for a trial on this case in upcoming February.

AT&T has also said on Thursday that it will withdraw the pending applications temporarily. AT&T along with Deutsche Telekom has added that they focusing on the overcoming of DOJ’s objections.

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