EU Court Ceased Belgacom’s Blocking Of File Sharing

EU Court Belgacom’s Blocking File SharingBelgacom can’t be forcefully retreated by national court from illegal music and video file sharing, said the highest court of European Union.

“EU law precluded the imposition of the injunction by the national court provided that the ISP Company installs an effective filtering system for prevention of illegal file download,” said the EU Court in Luxembourg in a statement against the national court.

The Belgian court sought the tribunal’s guidance of EU on whether forcing Internet Service Providers to cease illegal file sharing in a connection with bloc rules 27-nations. Sabam, music-copyright group of Belgium, has started legal fight against the use of software that filters file sharing.

Belgacom, the largest Belgian telephone company, has won antitrust approval for acquiring Scarlet a few years ago. Scarlet is going to appeal a June 2007 court of Belgium that ordered to against users breaking of copyright laws, claiming that it would curtail privacy rights of the customers.

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