Ice Cream Sandwich Available For T-Mobile G1

Android Ice Cream SandwichThe Galaxy Nexus has only just gone on sale and so it has not been long that we have been able to play around Ice Cream Sandwich. Exclusively available on the Nexus for now, an update is expected for many existing Android phones at the start of next year, with the Galaxy S2 and Motorola RAZR likely to be some of the first to get the new version. But there is one other phone on which you can already enjoy Ice Cream Sandwich – the T-Mobile G1.

The T-Mobile G1 was launched back in 2008 and was the first phone to run on Android. Originally launched with Android Donut it lacked many of the features that we now take for granted on more modern Android phones. For example, there was no Adobe Flash support and the phone did not come with Live Wallpapers – these were introduced with Froyo.

This is not an official upgrade becomes via some tinkering done by the peeps over at XDA Developers. As the T-Mobile G1 is so old and lacks many of the hardware necessary for more modern Android features, not all of Ice Cream Sandwich works properly.

The phone does not come with a front facing camera, so you cannot really use Face Unlock and without NFC support Android Beam is fairly impotent too. But even some older features of Android, like Wi-Fi and automatic screen rotation, are not functioning properly either.

With just a 528MHz processor at its disposal it is a wonder that it is able to run at all. But the fact that it has been successfully installed on the T-Mobile G1 means that it should be possible to get an Ice Cream Sandwich ROM working on more modern Android phones soon, perhaps before an official update is launched by manufacturers.

Looking at the T-Mobile G1 with its Donut installation shows just how much Android has evolved over the space of a few short years. Android Ice Cream Sandwich is the biggest development yet introducing important updates for NFC and performance and is currently only officially available on the Galaxy Nexus.

The Galaxy Nexus is manufactured by Samsung and released under Google’s name, and its primary purpose is to show off the new version of Android. The phone comes with an excellent 4.65 inch Super AMOLED HD screen which comes with the largest screen resolution of any smartphone in existence. In the next few months there should be many more Android phone deals launched with Ice Cream Sandwich from top manufacturers like Samsung, HTC and Motorola.

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  1. Kyle says:

    Actually the g1 launched with cupcake. I remember getting an ota update for donut.

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