AT&T Moves For Bigger Sale To Safeguard T-Mobile Merger

AT&T Bigger Sale Safeguarding T-Mobile MergerAT&T, taking over T-Mobile, is currently facing severe regulatory opposition. As a result, the company is preparing for bigger compensating scheme to the Department of Justice in order to salvage the deal of $39 billion, said a person having familiarity with the plan.

AT&T is speculating about an offer that is capable of divesting a substantially large portion of assets beyond its initial expectation, said the person without disclosing his proper identity. Though the actual size of disposal hasn’t been yet determined, it could accounts for 40% of T-Mobile’s assets, said the person.

This sale is a simple attempt for addressing the charges of the Department of Justice suing to block T-Mobile’s takeover on Aug. 31, claiming the deal would lessen wireless-market competition substantially. The acquisition has given birth to another blow on Tuesday as Federal Communications Commission signaled an attempt for blocking it.

“It will unfeasible for AT&T to address a fruitful solution,” Kevin Smithen, an analyst from Macquarie Securities, said.

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