An Introspective Look On Nook Tablet

Nook Tablet If you are looking forward to purchase a low-priced tablet this year, B&N’s Nook Tablet will be the first option you should consider.

At only $249, the Nook Tablet will be a bit more extravagant than the Amazon’s Kindle Fire since the Nook Color as well as the Kobo Vox, are being offered just at $200. Contrarily, Nook Tablet is a smarter piece for its excellent hardware design than its rivals while the extra feature wouldn’t cause you to incur lose.

On the other hand, Nook Tablet appears almost identical to Nook Color, except the Tablet with lighter color comes out.

The 7-inch display, with 102 by 600 resolutions, on the Nook possesses exactly the same display as that of the touch screen used in Nook Color. Besides, the Nook Tablet features a slight lighter weight than the Nook Color that weighs 14.1 ounces rather than of 15.8 which are often skipped by the users.

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