Facebook Plans Record IPO Worth $100 Billion

Facebook Record IPO $100 Billion Facebook Inc. is planning to raise more $10 billion as an initial public offering adding values to the largest social-networking site of the world, a person concerned with the offering said.

Facebook may file for IPO well before the year ends, said the same person declining to reveal his identity. Actual timing for filing remains undetermined yet, the person added.

Facebook’s valuation of approximately $100 billion will be doubled very soon, as announced by the Goldman Sachs Group Inc. as well as other backers. So far, the IPO is adequate as the details may encounter change, said Lise Buyer, head of the Class V Group (IPO advisory firm).

“It’s too early for predicting accurately the position of the valuation on the day of the deal,” said Buyer.

At the $10 billion valuation, the offer may raise even more money than other IPO technology can raise. The amount may dwarf the previous record holders such as Infineon Technology, which made $5.23 billion IPO in its in 1999.

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