Facebook IPO: The Road Ahead For Investors

Facebook IPO InvestorsFacebook, the world’s largest Social Network, is planning to raise $10 Billion Funds in an IPO that is pretty much expected to come around the second quarter of 2012. Facebook is reportedly already in the process of filing for an IPO before the end of this year. So what’s the road ahead for investors? Well, you shouldn’t be easily tempted in this as we already know that the Tech Related companies like Linkedin and Groupon saw a downward trend after the launch of its IPO.

Facebook – Simply the familiarity can (mis)lead investors. There should be a conservative approach rather than blindly following the Brand. Of course, I’m not an expert in advising stock investments. Investor Experts might have a difference of opinion. Well, for starters, this is just yet another IPO, you have to consider that way.

At $10 Billion, this is the only company to have raised so much funds in the Tech Arena. According to a report in Telegraph, we see that, each Facebook user is valued at $125. The total worth of Facebook is valued at around $100 Billion, optimistic?. Well, experts say that its real value will be some where around $73 Billion.

With an exponential growth of Facebook coupled with good sales, Mark Zuckerburg is pretty much ready to handle this. Probably, they waited so long to make sure everything is fine with sales and revenue. Around 800 Million users have registered in Facebook and this could be the best platform to promote its own IPO 😀

Facebook is required to share financial details to US Regulators before April 30, 2012. Of course, the company will file an IPO just in time. The thought process for starters would be that, wait for a month or so before investing in. There will be a volatile trend for the first few days, hence allow it to settle down and make a long term investment on one of the world’s most valued company, Facebook!

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