Apple Looks To Block Sale Of The Modified Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Apple Modified Samsung Galaxy Tablet BanApple is currently looking forward to stopping the sale of modified Galaxy Tab of the Samsung Electronics in Germany in an effort strengthen the plot of Apple Inc., said a representative from the company.

A district court of Düsseldorf has intentionally blocked the sales of original version of the 10-inch tablet of Samsung electronics in September following Apple’s convincing of the judge that the Samsung’s product possesses to much similarity with the rival iPad.

To stand against the district court ruling, Samsung has modified the basic appearance of their tablet for creating Galaxy Tab 10.1, which is the latest motion of Apple. The court hearing was scheduled for Dec. 22.

Galaxy Tab 10.1N features a brand new bezel and speakers, and the electronics company is very confident about their demonstration of the distinctiveness of court in comparison to the iPad, as said by a Samsung spokesman via email.

Samsung is going to take all necessary measures to ensure the availability of its tablet device in Germany.


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