Google Map Heading Towards Indoors

Google Map IndoorsThrough the inclusion of internal spaces to the Android operating system of Google’s Maps service, the company is now positioning itself for taking advantage of two coherent trends: firstly, the diversion of communications via Cell-phone and secondly, the substantial increase of acquisition of spaces belonging to public. After all, it can hardly be as hard to figure out the position of restroom in a shopping mall as the finding of a particular address in a quite unfamiliar city.

Additionally, the approach further solidifies the Google’s lead over the AOL Map-Quest. Over the years, engineers from Google have been struggling hard to keep up to Map-Quest. Nevertheless, the Mountain View, a California-based giant, is intended to resist the squandering of its lead.

By far, only a few indoor venues have been included to the list: stores like Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, and Home Depot (HD).

Google is preparing to accept its floor plans from any of the indoor venues that are intended to eneter the list.

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