Heroes of Newerth- A comprehensive beginner’s guide


If you have already acquired the Heroes of Newerth beta keys, then it’s the time to learn some basic information which will help you to win the battle. Read this comprehensive guide with some of the essential terms you will run across while playing the game.

Hero: This is the chief unit in the game which is can be played in single player or multi player mode.

Creep: This is the AI controlled unit. If the player’s unit is damaged these creeps come out to help the player to make a balance it at the crisis. There are a range of creeps which do a lot of damage. If you take “Lane” creeps as an example, they are useful to patrol down one of the three lanes while “Neutral” creeps are found scattered in the forests. Just protect your own horde of creeps and don’t be an easy target of your opponents. When your group is destroyed the creeps stand by your side and destroy the enemies, and in the process you get more XP.

Lane: In the map there are three lanes, which are Top, Middle and Bottom. Only two players are allowed in a single lane, except one team ganks or push the other. Each lane has three towers.

Ganking: In DOTA strategy ganking is referred to an act of attacking the opponent player.

Pushing: If your team is trying to destroy the opponent’s towers it is termed as “Pushing”.

Defensive Towers: You can call it “towers”. If you demolish your opponents’ towers by killing the enemies you can earn large sum of Gold bonus and get more close to the opponent’s throne.

Throne: When the player becomes able to destroy the enemy’s throne he conquers the battle.

Healing Fountain: This is the start off point where the players take the plunge to start the battle. This magical fountain has the power to heal the players rapidly.

Shop: Here the players can buy a choice of items to fight the battle. One shop is located near the fountain while the rest fours are hidden around the map. There are particular items which are available only at the hidden shops. The white squares in the map indicate these shops.

Barracks: In Heros of Newerth there are two types of Barracks, named Ranged Barracks and Melee Barracks. In each lane there is one set of barracks and each of them has their specific creeps. When the player demolishes opponent’s ranged barracks, the more powerful ranged creeps will spawn. And same things will happen for the Melee creeps as well when Melee barracks are abolished.  The creeps become so powerful that they become unstoppable.

The main factor of this game is to destroy opponent’s Throne. It can be done is various ways. The player can employ the creeps to abolish the enemies slowly, or if he is powerful enough then he can do it alone. When all lanes including the six barracks are damaged tremendously powerful creeps will generate.  If you have reached this stage, then the game is almost over as the creeps become so powerful that the enemy cannot stop them anymore.

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