BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger- A High-Resolution 2D Fighting Game

Calamity Trigger was developed by Arc System Works for Xbox 360 platform. It is designed in 2D background where two fighters participate on a duel. Each participant has got some weak, medium or strong attacking techniques. Also every character has their unique attacking trick to diverse each other. The game has 10 powerful fighters with different style and tactics. A player can choose any one of them who will represent his form of style in the fighting. If he likes lightning-fast techniques then he must choose Taokaka or the powerful Tager for his ferocious fighting approach. The Drive Attacks” helps the player to destroy his opponent. Some other tricks featured in this game are Barriers, Rapid Cancels, Counter Assaults, and Distortion Drives. The gorgeous sound and top quality graphics in 2D environment makes the game more tantalizing. It became so popular that more than a million units were sold out within 24 hours of the launch. It can easily get 8 points on a scale of 10.

Home Version Features:


The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions includes all content from the arcade version, along with content exclusive to the console versions[15], including:
1) New music, wonderful animations, backgrounds and a console-exclusive story mode
2) Theme songs  by kotoko (Ao-Iconoclast) for the OP, Hironobu Kageyama (Omae no Tettsui ni Kugi wo Ute) for Bang’s FūrinkazanTheme, and a song done  by Noel’s VA ‘Kanako Kando’, titled ‘Love So Blue’, which plays at various points during story mode.
3) The ability to switch between Japanese and English voices
4) Online multiplayer which supports up to six players, where 2 players play at a time and the remainder can watch the battle as viewer.


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