Facebook Becoming One Major Cause Of Divorce In UK

Has your spouse ever caught you flirting on Facebook with someone else? Then it is the time to read this report,  because if you don’t then you might end up with a painful break up in your relationship. Though you are not alone in this as per the recent survey that was conducted by U.K. divorce Web site Divorce-Online. The survey found that married couples are more and more being driven apart by offenses that takes place on the popular social media site.  In fact nearly 33 percent of divorce petitions in 2011 enclosed references to Facebook, according to the survey.

Not only that, the number of Facebook-related divorces ratcheted up in current years–significantly, according to the survey. In 2009, when the survey was conducted the last time; Facebook was declared in just 20 percent of divorce appeals.

Spouses used Facebook to post comments about their exes and used their facebook walls as “weapons in their divorce battle.”

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