Google Tablet May Make The Competition Tougher With Ipad

Though there are many Android tablets in the market, very few have been able to get the market share as close as of iPad from Apple. Except iPad, the most successful till now has been Kindle Fire. The latter has been so much modified by Amazon that very few people consider it to be an Android tablet.

The competition will really become intense if Google can come out with a tablet. Google has shown some hint after launching a combination of tablet and a smart phone named Ice Cream Sandwich. Last month, Google Chairman said that very soon, they are going to come out with their own tablet.

After that the market is filled with speculative news that when the tablet may come into the market. The competitors are trying to find out what will be the added features in the tablet so that they do not get washed away in the war between Apple and Google. People are expecting that Google will bring a high design model to give a tough competition to iPad. Will the war really become hot?

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