iPhone 4G Soon To Launch Live Video Chat




Video chat on 4G iPhone



Do you have any fancy of making your own mini movies or want to chat with your loved one face to face with the help of an iphone? Do not worry as very soon that wish of yours is soon going to be true if you buy a 4G phone. Though some people are saying that it is a rumour, but it is actually not so as a new advertisement series is being directed where it is being shown that a mother and a daughter are chatting over a 4G iPhone.

So, if you want to have an eye contact with the person you are talking to, then the iPhone from Apple could soon be your near and dear one. But the users who love of to use Apple 3G will be really shocked to hear the bad news. Some people are saying that with the advent of the 4G iPhones, the 3G phones will no longer be available in the market. The Apple store has removed the ‘buy’ button from the official website and the 3G iPhone is already being sold in the market with heavy discount. The Operating system of the 4G cannot be applicable in 3G and so in order to pave the way for the best, the older version must go and the new one coming in.

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