Microsoft Possibly Launching Xbox Live Games On iOS & Android

There is a speculation running which says Microsoft is planning to start Xbox Live-based games on rival platforms like iOS and Android. But these games will not come with any malware during download, and users can remain assured that they will receive straight-up titles that are cross-platform capable across all three mobile environments — perhaps even on Windows 8 and the Xbox 360 console.

The WP7/iOS/Android speculation sourced from a new Microsoft job posting regarding a software development engineer to work in Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business division, exclusively for Xbox LIVE.

In the job description it is written that, “[The] Xbox LIVE Mobile team is looking for a passionate and experienced developer to join us [in] bringing Xbox LIVE entertainment experiences to various mobile platforms,” “As the team inside IEB (Interactive Entertainment Business) dedicated to mobile experiences, we work closely with console software team and Xbox LIVE services team to bring the latest and greatest gaming and entertainment experience to mobile platforms including Windows Phone, iOS and other mobile platforms.”

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