Ramnit Virus Has Stolen Over 45,000 Facebook Login Credentials Worldwide

The Ramnit worm was spreading since April 2010, but has been just recently adapted to target Facebook details, as said by computer security experts. Beforehand it was only used by cyber criminals who wanted to steal login credentials for other services- for example, online banking.

A “worm” is different from a regular computer virus in that it is able to reproduce itself without requirement to attach itself to an existing program. This capability means worms can multiply very rapidly online.

The new menace to Facebook users was showed up this week by Seculert, which is an Israeli computer security firm. It said most of the users have been harmed so far are British or French.

“Our research lab identified a completely new ‘financial’ Ramnit variant aimed at stealing Facebook login credentials,” the firm stated in a blog post.

“It was fairly straightforward to detect that over 45,000 Facebook login credentials have been stolen worldwide, mostly from users in the United Kingdom and France.”

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