Microsoft To Update Their Windows Phone

Microsoft has decided to roll out another Windows Phone update to fix certain hitches and glitches in the mobile operating system. The latest update of Windows Phone version is 7.10.8107.79. One annoying factor is the disappearance of on-screen keyboard when an user is typing a message.

In addition to all these, Windows Phone was found to be automatically sending information of the users to the nearby WiFi hotspots. A minor update to the email functionality is also expected. It will fix the Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 functionality. Once this is updated, the user will be able to see the original message while replying to a certain one.

It was found that in total, six patches were identified and they need to be fixed. The others were mostly technical in nature and is mainly centered around digital certificates and encryption issues.

With this updates, Windows Phone is expected to take its biggest move – introduction of Nokia handsets.

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