What Can Be The Trends of 2012 In CES?

The Consumer Electronic Show or the CES, as it is popularly known, is going to start of from Tuesday. Power and mobility are going to be the biggest storylines of this year’s CES, experts say.

Green energy can be a very big trend of the show in this CES 2012 with more automakers expected to take the center stage. Top executives from the leading companies like Hyundai, Ford and Mercedes Benz are expected to make an appearance in different keynote speeches. Fusion, the hybrid model car from Ford, is going to be the official car of this year’s CES.

At the CES, car companies are expected to focus mainly on green energy and in addition, they are planning to display the connectivity options by which the drivers can use apps to monitor what is happening inside their vehicles and also outside.

More news is also expected from the gadget front as four great mobile manufacturers are going to participate and may announce something new on the 4G front on their smart phones.

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