Lenovo Launches Their First Smart TV

Lenovo has announced today that they are going to launch their first Android 4.0 based smart TV, known as K91. The product will be launched first in the Chinese market and then in rest parts of the world. Lenovo has also said that they are going to launch a bunch of Android 4.0 based tablets in the upcoming year.

The Qualcomm S3, APQ8060 CPU will help the TV respond to the voice commands which the users may give through the remote control. With the help of it, you can give a command to the TV what is to be done. The gadget has got speech recognition and natural language processing capacity.

The users will be able to do video chatting with the help of a 5 megapixel camera with face recognition capabilities. There is also built in Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections. The storage capacity is 8GB and there is a slot to support 2 GB storage.

The size of the gadget will be 42×55 inches with 3D LED varieties with the remote control having a gamepad and a touchpad.

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