Compact Cameras Losing Relevance Due To Smartphones

Due to the increase in popularity of the smart phones which has in built high quality camera, sales of point and shoot cameras has gone down by 30% in the last year. Photo sharing websites are witnessing that a large numbers of people are uploading their pictures taken through their smart phones.

During the last summer, it was observed that iPhone 4 was the most widely used camera on the picture storage websites and it was followed by Nikon D90, which got into the second place. Research firm GFK has confirmed that 48% of the revenue of the camera manufacturer’s in the year 2010 was sourced from basic fixed lens cameras.

Smart phone is becoming popular because it is always in the pocket of the user and since the user is connected to the web through it, he can directly upload it from there. The iPhone 4S has a 8 megapixel camera which improves the quality of pictures to a great extent.

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