Microsoft Overtakes Yahoo In US Search Engine Traffic

Microsoft has reached their much desired goal. They have come to the second position in search among the US traffic in the month of December. In the process, Bing has overtaken Yahoo and is now only second to Goggle in US traffic search.

December volume of bing recorded a volume of 15.1 per cent share of the search traffic of the US market. Yahoo has to process 2.65 billion search requests and that used to represent 14.5% of the US search traffic market.

Google still was able to dominate the number one position with getting 12 billion searches for the month of December and that counts for huge 65% of the market share. Google continues to be a huge profit making company because of their dominance in online search share market. Analysts have expected that Yahoo will be able to keep that position as they have tied up with Google in 2009 for exchange of technology.

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