Enjoy Real-time “Listen With Friends” Music Feature On Facebook

Facebook today made an official announcement on their blog saying that, the social network is rolling out a “Listen With Friends” feature that will enable Facebook users to sync up and listen to a song that a friend is currently enjoying by clicking a single button. While the feature asks the user to authorize the Spotify or Rdio application on the user’s Facebook profile before listening to the song, the track syncs at the same point as the friend. Not only can that friends also chat about specific parts of the song. In order to recognize Facebook users that are at the same time listening to music on Spotify or Rdio, a musical note icon will come out beside the name of the user in the chat box and also in the real-time news ticker.

Resembling the basic functionality of Turntable.fm, this feature allows the Facebook users to act as a virtual DJ while selecting their favorite songs in the Spotify or Rdio interface. Up to 50 Facebook friends will be able to enjoy this simultaneously as well as make comments about the songs and request upcoming tracks.

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