Eggs Thrown At Apple Inc.’s Beijing Store Due To iPhone 4S Delay

iPhone fever made the Chinese customers angry customers and this eventually led to an utter chaos this Friday. Customers who were keenly waiting for arrival of the device became infuriated and threw eggs at Apple Inc.’s flagship Beijing store sine its opening for the China launch of the iPhone 4S has been canceled due to concerns over the size of the crowd. Apple expressed their annoyance after this incident by postponing iPhone 4S sales in its mainland China stores to maintain the safety of customers and employees. It has been informed to our reporters that from now on the phone will be sold online and also through its local carrier.

Customers including migrant workers appointed by scalpers in teams of 20 to 30 to buy iPhones for resale at a markup to Chinese gadget enthusiasts waited overnight in chilly weather at the Apple store in Beijing’s east side Sanlitun district.

The crowd became infuriated after the store failed to open on schedule at 7 a.m. several people threw eggs and screamed at staff through the windows.

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