Apple Suspends Sales Of iPhones in China

Due to the ongoing chaos over its sale of iPhone in the Chinese market, Apple authorities declared that they are temporarily suspending the sales of all the iPhones at the five stores in the main cities of China. The decision has been taken keeping in mind the safety of the employees and the customers.

The iPhones in China will be instead sold online through the official partner of Apple, Unicom and at their authorized resellers. The authorities did not say when they will resume selling iPhone4S in the China market.

Demand for iPhones in China is much more than the supply of the product and it has raised an army of scalpers who are again reselling the product at much higher prices. Yesterday, a team of migrant workers along with the scalpers gathered in front of the Apple store in Sanlitun district of Beijing and started throwing eggs and stones at the store. The police came to the rescue and cordoned of the store.

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