Windows Phone Comes Out Fastest In Speed Test

Though the last appearance of Microsoft at the CES may not be a huge success, but the technical giant is coming out of the Consumer Electronic Show this time with at least one huge victory under the belt. The smart phone of the company has beaten majority of the challengers in terms of speed at the CES.

Ben Rudolph of Microsoft came to CES with loads of cash in his pocket. He threw a challenge to all the attendees with a non- Windows phone device to get a speed test. His condition was that if he gets defeated, he will give each of them a hundred dollars each and if he wins, then everybody will have to admit that they have been ‘smoked by the Windows Phone.”

At the end of the test, it was found that almost 88% of the users have been ‘smoked by the Windows Phone.” In the process, Windows Phone defeated iPhone4, Galaxy Nexus, Droid charge, Palm Pre plus and various models of Blackberry.

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