New iOS Gaming Device To Be Launched At CES This Week

Some of the important activities for the iPhone and iPad is generally centered around gaming. The market for games for the Apple iOS is large and it can be seen that all the best selling applications are games and they get most of their money from the iTunes application store gaming category.

The users find it difficult to play the games as they find the operations through touch screen quite difficult. They find the physical buttons more comfortable while playing the games. This week, a iOS for the gaming device is being launched in the market at the CES and the users are very much enthusiastic to know more about it.

Gametel’s Bluetooth version is being launched at the CES that will work with the iPhone versions. It was launched in November, but that version of Gametel was exclusive to Android only. The gamepad will hook into the iPhone and shall add buttons beneath it when the appliance will be turned horizontally.

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