Deep Skype Integration Aimed At Next-Generation Windows Phone

Skype Integration Next-Generation Windows PhoneMicrosoft is not only a Windows Phone Skype app incoming, but also it’s going to integrate its VoIP service further in far future for its Smartphone OS, as reported by the Skype CEO Tony Bates. However, details about the nature of this deep integration are still vogue, although analysts have started to anticipate that – just as the Android’s allowance of outgoing & incoming calls that can be routed over traditional mobile networks as well as VoIP system – Microsoft’s Windows Phone will allow its users to choose the cheapest possible route for calls, and the sync Skype contacts with their Cell phones’ address book & show presence status.

However, Microsoft started to collaborate with Skype for the first time in October, 2011 when there was a “ubiquity of Skype experience” taking place. Besides, Microsoft was reassuring its users that the communication across devices & the platform would remain the primary focus of the company.

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