Stock Market,Israeli Airline Websites Hacked By Saudi Based Hackers

Saudi Based Hackers Hackers has recently disrupted the official websites of Israeli stock exchange & national air carrier called El Al on last Monday and its is being treated as a deepening cyber war in addition to the cyber attack that took place earlier part of the month by some Saudi based hackers.

Neither the Israeli website contains collectibles of sensitive information nor its trading & flights were affected by cyber breach. Contrarily, the present salvos by the hackers who made use of anti-Israel language and indications in their posts unveiled the vulnerability of Israel to cyber warfare, though the country claimed to own sophisticated cyber security units both in military & high-tech sectors.

The attacks started earlier this month when the Saudi hackers revealed their identity as a group-xp, or a Saudi hacking group. The hackers claimed to access Israeli sports website when they sabotaged 400,000 credit card accounts of Israel. The hacking group treated the attack as a New Year gift to the world.

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