Wikipedia Plans To Go Offline As A Protest To Anti-Piracy Legislation

Wikipedia Offline As A Protest To Anti-Piracy LegislationWebsites like Wikipedia have planned a blackout of a single day over SOPA & PIPA, which has been anticipated by them to result in a censorship. The advocates of the bills have revealed misinformation about the inflaming passions lacking piracy solution.

Most of the people haven’t potentially focused much on the massive corporations waging war held in Washington over the legislation aimed at cracking down on the online theft of music, movies, and many other contents. On the contrary, the ongoing conflict may hit the consumers on Wednesday, when Wikipedia as well as many other websites that are intended to remain in dark in the protest of the proposed changes.

On the other hand, Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, has announced on Monday that the popular online encyclopedia may be unavailable for a day as a protest to the Online Piracy Act & related legislation, which the opponents said may yield censorship or a complete shutdown of certain websites.

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