Apple Co-Founder Wozniak Prefers Android Smartphones Over iPhones

Apple Co-Founder Wozniak Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak has chances of waiting in line for new iPhones’ release, though he has said that there are a number of ways for Android to leap ahead of iPhone.

While interviewing with Dan Lyons for Daily Beast with a view to comparing iPhone with the Android phone, Woz unveiled the limitations of Apple smartphones.

“I use iPhone as the primary one,” the Woz said. “Actually, I love its beauty. But I wish it could do the things that can be done by the Android phones.”

Nevertheless, don’t misinterpret that Woz is going to dump his iPhone. Actually, he said that his main meal is with the Siri, which is no longer useful as it was expected.

“If I ask Siri about the 5 biggest Californian lakes, it would give me the answer,” Woz said. “Now it has started to miss things out. Now it gives me the real estate listings.

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