Day 1 Coverage Of CES 2012

Day 1 CES 2012Consumer Electronics Show is nothing but an annual event allowing the major companies of the electronics world usually converge and showcase the latest & greatest products of them where the Neoseeker is merely a stranger. However, Computer hardware always occupy a large portion of this show, although over the last few years manufacturers seem to be interested to participate events occurring in many conference centers that are located at many hotels & casinos up & down the strip. However, still a few booths were there in the real-time convention space, and a number of new products were introduced. The 1st booth to come across was InWin.

InWin has appeared as a promising name in gaming & enthusiast enclosure market ever since their game based product line was incepted in U.S.A couple of years back. This year, InWin came to Electronics show with a view to showcasing many of its mid-tower as well as full-tower cases, having couple of its full tower cases in development stages.

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