Yahoo Co-Founder Jerry Yang Resigns From All Posts

Yahoo Co-Founder Jerry Yang Resigns After 18 years of the launch of Yahoo with a fellow student from Stanford, Jerry Yang has resigned from the managerial board of the company on Tuesday and has relinquished the other positions at Yahoo, which is a now quest of a way for changing the competitive landscape.

43 year old Yang who had been witnessing increasing fire from the investors critical of the recent performance of Yahoo– did not give any indication about the plans concealed within his mind. On the contrary, analysts have claimed that his departure is going to clear the hurdle in the sale of Asian assets of Yahoo and, possibly, a much wider overhaul of the Internet giant company.

Where Yang has contributed to company for years? Some have given suggestion that the other members of the board may follow Yang’s steps.

“This is when a new day starts,” said Eric Jackson, longtime investor of the Ironfire Capital.


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