Lawsuit Against Amazon.com Over Zappos Data Hack

A lawsuit has been filed against Amazon.com Inc. by a customer of its Zappos.com unit due to violating federal consumer credit laws as they failed to protect her personal data after the company anounced hackers has stolen account numbers and other secret information.

Theresa Stevens, who is a resident of Beaumont, Texas, claims that as a result of the violation, she and other Zappos customers are more in danger from spoof websites who will send susceptible e-mails therefore they can mistakenly disclose personal information to hackers, as per the complaint she filed on Jan. 16 in federal court in Louisville, Kentucky. The customers will have to pay the expenses for credit monitoring and bear emotional distress and loss of privacy, according to the complaint.

Stevens is seeking out to stand for 24 million Zappos customers whose personal data was compromised, according to the complaint. She has got an e-mail from the online shoe retailer Jan. 16 saying her personal information has been stolen as part of a data breach. Hackers gained access to Zappos.com’s internal network via unguarded computer servers which are  located in Shepherdsville, Kentucky.

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