Windows 8 Likely To be Harsh To Intel In 2012, Reports Analyst

Windows 8 Harsh To Intel In 2012Intel may have to undergo through a challenging 2012 before it foresees any true windfall from the recently released Windows 8, as reported by Piper Jaffray, an investment bank.

“We believe that CY12 (the calendar year-2012) is being shaped up as a difficult year for the processor manufacturing giant. We expect the 2H12 (2nd half of 2012) to be a weaker one regarding the commercial intro of Windows 8 which is being considered as the most significant and practical upgrade to the windows operating system since the release of Windows 3.0,” wrote Gus Richard, an analyst from the Piper Jaffray.

On the other hand, Intel usually benefits from the upgrades to Microsoft operating system as many companies & consumers purchase new PCs with Intel processor & the new OS of Microsoft. Contrarily, the promises made by Microsoft about the new OS may compel its consumers to decline purchases if PCs having the new & genuine software arrive.

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