New Data Plans for Smartphones, Tablets Unveiled by AT&T

New Data Plans AT&T January 22nd is going to be known as the Kick off Sunday, as the German telecom company, AT&T will adopt new data plans having higher monthly allotment. On the contrary, these data plans will cost you more. The details of the new data plans of AT&T are shown below:

  • 3GB data /month: $30
  • 300 MB data/month: $20
  • 5GB (with mobile hotspot access)/ month: $50

Earlier, the lowest cost data plan of AT&T went for $15/month when only 200MB data were available. The 3GB data plan at $30 per month has been revised from the 2GB data plan at $25 per month. The tethering plan of AT&T was previously a 4GB data plan at $45 a month. The forthcoming changes have been announced on the AT&T’s blog.

If you are an existing customer of AT&T, you are going to be grandfathered into older plan. You will not have to switch to the revised data rate if you don’t want to.


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