Download iBooks 2 Application For iPad Free

This Thursday an education event has been conducted in New York, where Apple declared that it has unveiled a new feature that will enable all iPad users to swipe across the display to open textbook pages and see movies within each chapter. The operating system’s common pinch-and-tap features are also available in the device so that people can interact more with titles.

Additionally, this feature will also facilitate people to see 3D images and rotate them for a better feel for example they can understand how does a DNA structure look like. They can switch the book between portrait mode and landscape modes to make text and images much more interactive.

To encourage development of textbooks, Apple has innovated this latest application called iBooks Author. The free Mac OS X application to help authors create both textbooks and books. Apple also says users can download this iBooks 2 application from the App Store to the iPad for free.

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