Google+ Receives 90 Million Sign-ups Since Launch

Google’s chief executive Larry Page, last night unveiled the new number during the company’s quarterly earnings call.

According to him, with Google+, they have shipped a new feature more or less every day since they launched in June. That’s over 200 updates in total.

He expressed his joy to announce that there are more than 90 million Google+ users – which is nearly double the figure that was announced just a quarter ago on the company’s earnings call. Engagement on Google+ is also rising enormously. They have some incredible facts to share there for the first time: Google+ users are very engaged with Google products – with more than 60per cent of them engage daily, and over 80 per cent weekly.

Regardless of revealing some engagement data, Larry has remarkably not disclosed the exact percentage of the 90 million accounts which are active.

Since launch, over one million Google+ Pages have been created and more than 3.4 billion photographs shared on the site.

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