Half Baked Tablet Based Education Strategy From Apple

Half Baked Tablet Based Education Strategy AppleThe education strategy of Apple will appear like having serious lagging that is capable of standing in the company’s leadership role that usually matches the apparent market ambitions of the company.

Half Baked Tablet Based Education Strategy  :

Apple participated at a New York based education event on 19 Jan with a view to showing off some of its new products as well as services that included iBooks-2, iBooks Authors & an entirely refreshed iTunes-U.

As it was expected, Apple claimed that its plans were capable of transforming the way young people become educated in U.S.A, Apple spent plenty of time in the trial of sell parents & educators on that idea.

Unlike the affordability evolved by its idea for improving education, several major flaws are still contained by Apple’s strategy. It has failed to clarify how it is going to attract the public school systems which are merely familiar with iPads and many other Apple products.

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