Google+ Users Rises To 90 Millions

Google+ 90 MillionsGoogle said on Thursday that it made a total of $8.13 billion earning during the 4th quarter, though it missed targets from the financial analysts. Google+ currently possesses 90 million users.

However, Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) unveiled $8.13 billion revenue as per share earnings of $9.50. Contrarily, the company’s profit increased to $2.71 billion from last year’s $2.54 billion profit.

Meanwhile, Wall Street, which sought $8.43 billion sales along with $10.51 earnings /share, expressed their reaction accordingly. Google’s share declined 10 % to $575 in the Thursday’s after-hours trading. Google may disappoint its investors by the numbers, though it offered great news for those interested in social media websites.

Google+ is a company’s 6-month-old social networking site that was launched as a challenge to Facebook. However, Google+ possesses only 90 million worldwide users. The figure has increased from 40 million that of the company 3rd quarter’s report released in last year’s October.

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