Fight Between Hollywood And Silicon Valley Becoming Tougher over SOPA

The words SOPA and PIPA are taking the world by storm during the past few days. To reduce severely online piracy, US lawmakers initiated the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and PIPA (Protect IP) in October. The Hollywood businessmen and people want a stronger implementation of SOPA and PIPA, which is being strongly opposed by the technical giants of Silicon Valley including Google and Facebook.

So, as the war between Hollywood and Silicon Valley becomes hot, US lawmakers at the Congress are feeling the pressure from both sides. People from the entertainment industry feel that non US websites should also be treated at the same way legally just like the US websites and all of them have to come through US search engines.

Technical giants feel that this will affect the movement in the internet much slower and will hence affect their business turnover and future to a great extent. US lawmakers were forced to hold back the discussion on SOPA on Friday and the voting on PIPA has also been deferred. It was scheduled for next week.

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