U.S. Government Annihilates Megaupload

U.S. Government Megaupload BanIt has been appeared as one of the biggest news this week for the net addicts as the file transfer site Megaupload has been taken to New Zealand. As it was expected before, the site was playing the role of a conduit to stream Hollywood movie releases. Honestly speaking, I think this has exaggerated film piracy.

Consequently, this may intimidate many eyes to roll, although the operation hasn’t been recorded yet. I hardly download movies as I can manage to wait for films to get released on HBO, or in a theater.  In fact, I am ready to pay for the movies as I never support piracy.

However, you can upload and download your files in number of ways. But if you don’t have a FTP of your own, Megaupload may be your only choice left. As far as Hollywood movies are concerned, the “large files” are usually movies. For sharing a movie with your friends, you need to look for a neutral partner just like Megaupload.

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