Resident Evil 6 For PS3 And Xbox 360 Will Be Launched On November 20th

Capcom recently declared that Resident Evil 6 will be launched on Xbox 360 as well as PlayStation 3 on November 20th. The gamers who are waiting for its PC version will get it soon after the release of Xbox version of the game. The company informed that the game is set in a world where bioterrorist attacks are happening around the globe, stirring fear everywhere and turning everyone into zombies. The President of the United States makes a decision to address the U.S. until he is also attacked and turns into a zombie. Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield will try hard jointly to save the world together with new characters, and we are hoping to give the game a whirl later this year during E3 — provided it’s on display, obviously. The Resident Evil series was first made its debut in 1996 and the series has reached global sales more than 47 million units. 

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