AT&T Data Plans Incorporate More Size And Increased Cost

AT&T Data Plans AT&T is looking forward to dealing with the data loads of the nation.

For coping up with the rapidly increasing cellular data usage, AT&T has devised some new data plans. In a statement posted on the consumer blog AT&T, Mark Collins, the senior vice president in charge of data & voice products of the company unveiled, “more video steaming, more content downloading, and more apps” have boosted the cellular data usage drastically.

According to a survey carried out a British consultant on cellular providers, top 1% of the entire people having account of cellular data packages for half of the total cellular downloads & data usage.

However, the trend, collaborated with rollout of faster 4G network, is looking for increasing the data pressure on the cell providers. In response to that, AT&T has been trying to make its tablet computer and smartphone data packages bigger in terms of both price & size.

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