SOPA, PIPA Put On Hold Courtesy Uproar On Tech World

SOPA, PIPA On HoldSOPA & PIPA are might be in suspension. This can be attributed to the most contentious uproar noticed on Capitol Hill as well as in the entire tech world. However, other legislation came in scene this week with a view to fighting with online piracy act. Rep. Darrell Issa introduced H.R. 3782, the Online Protection & Enforcement of the Digital Trade Act that was passed in the House of Representatives.

However, the same day witnessed an online protest when several high-profile websites like Wikipedia went dark. Issa said the new bill devises a strong intellectual property rights especially for American artists & innovators and protects the freedom of the Internet. Meanwhile, Senator Ron Wyden has come up with the “OPEN Act” in U.S. Senate. The “OPEN Act” would give supervision to the International Trade Commission instead of the U.S Justice Department. However, SOPA & PIPA, to be obvious, would enable the content owners to occupy an entire website.

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