Android Can’t Succeed Due To Excessive Fragmentation, Says Stephen Elop

Android iPhoneThe arrival of the fifth version of Apple`s iOS mobile operating system meant that anyone with an iPhone 4 or 3GS could get the full update with almost all of the tweaks and improvements intact. However, if you still have an iPhone 3G or the very first 2G only handset from back in 2007 then you would be officially unable to update your handset. The same goes for first and second generation iPod Touch devices, because Apple deems these as too technically stunted to power iOS 5.

The good news for those who are languishing with their older iPhones and iPods is that an industrious modder known only as Whited00r has been hard at work building a program that will let you open up certain aspects of iOS 5 on your existing handset.

Amongst the iOS 5 features which can be installed via this modified firmware are contemporary multitasking and app switching as well as the new notifications system. Sadly at the moment there is not access to the App Store for downloads direct to your phone, but you can carry this out if you synchronise it through iTunes on your PC or Mac, so there is a workaround in place.

One other notable no-show feature is iCloud, Apple`s cloud storage and wireless synching service, although this is hardly surprising. Despite this the iOS 5 functions could breathe new life into your ageing gadgets in the same way that Android users can update models left unloved by official software if they take the backdoor route with kits like CyanogenMod 9.

Nokia Chief Executive Stephen Elop has been speaking about Android and mobile operating systems in general this week, telling many media outlets about the plans which his firm has for the future and its reasons for signing on with Windows Phone and Microsoft rather than Google.

Mr Elop levelled the common criticism of excessive fragmentation against Android, saying that there is too little cohesion between the different versions of the software and the plethora of devices which run it. Windows Phone is certainly at the other end of the scale in this respect because Microsoft keeps a tight control over the look and feel of the software as well as insisting that manufacturers create handsets that meet minimum system requirements in order to further promote consistency of experience and quality.

Mr Elop said that it was clear that fragmentation can become a problem, alluding to Android in doing so, but also pointing out that Nokia was hoping to do something different by betting on Windows Phone, giving its smartphones like the Lumia 800 and Ace unique qualities which will help it to stand out from both Google and Apple. There was a time when many thought Nokia might end up making an Android phone after seeing its smartphone market share slide, but the Microsoft deal soon put paid to such rumours.

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