Motorola Xoom 2 Review: Specifications, Features

Motorola Xoom 2Tablet computers feature a range of different display sizes and are available in a growing number of price brackets. While devices like the iPad 2 and Android equivalents have screens that come close to or exceed 10 inches in size, there are smaller options like the seven inch Amazon Kindle Fire and BlackBerry Playbook. The Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition (ME) parks itself squarely between these two, packing an 8.2 inch screen which feels bigger than it actually is but still allows this tablet to be lighter and more portable than you would expect.

The screen has a good resolution of 1280×800, which means it packs in as many pixels as the full sized Xoom 2 but gets them all within a smaller area, which results in finer picture detail. The size reduction does mean it is actually a little cheaper than its sibling, but you still get a powerful 1.2GHz dual core processor and 16GB of storage space on the Wi-Fi only edition of the Xoom 2 ME. This makes Android 3.2 run smoothly and you have a decent amount of room to download apps and store movies. However, storage space is quickly becoming less of a concern for tablet owners since web streaming is where most people get their media at the moment.

Cameras are considered essential on contemporary tablets and the Xoom 2 ME does not disappoint thanks to the five megapixel snapper found nestling on its rear. You even get an LED flash, which is a little less common, while a forward-facing two megapixel camera on the front is present for those who fancy chatting via a video call.

Amongst the slew of exclusive applications that come preinstalled on the Xoom 2 ME is MotoCast. This is Motorola`s media streaming service which lets you share video files from your PC or Mac direct to your tablet so that you can stream clips, pictures and music to wherever you are over a Wi-Fi connection. You could easily enjoy the family holiday snaps in the living room or hook up the tablet to your HDTV and stream a film from your computer`s hard drive. Interestingly this MotoCast service will even convert video files in real time so that those that are not native compatible with the Xoom 2 ME can still be displayed, although this does put something of a strain on your PC hardware.

One of the strong points of the Xoom 2 ME is that it is surprisingly light despite the quality of the hardware which is housed beneath its sleek black shell. It is lighter even than the typical seven inch tablets available, although it never feels cheap because of this. Instead it is more comfortable to hold for extended periods and will be less of a burden when popped in your bag all day. While it is hardly going to compete with an MP3 player in terms of portability, it does a fine job of making tablets less obtrusive when on the move.

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