Canon Set To Launch EOS C300 Cinema Quality Handheld Camera

Canon EOS C300 Cinema Quality CameraCanon is set to launch a brand new cinema-quality handheld camera which will retail for around $16,000 (£10,350) and will allow professional directors and amateurs with deep pockets to shoot full HD 1080p digital footage with ease.

The Canon EOS C300 first made an appearance towards the end of 2011 and won endorsements from major figures from within Hollywood including Martin Scorsese. Now it will be available to buy from February 2011 and will be aiming to take on other high end digital capture devices like the Red range, which in itself has used Canon lenses on several models.

Interestingly the EOS C300 is actually equipped with a full 4K sensor, allowing it to theoretically record video clips at a much higher resolution than 1080p. However, Canon has chosen to limit the device to full HD for the time being, perhaps allowing it to unlock the full 4K capabilities at a later date.

While the EOS C300 could be used to shoot the next big blockbuster, people who have high end aspirations for their home cinema setups will definitely want to take note of the new LG 55EM960V. This 55 inch screen may not be the biggest on the market, although it is certainly expansive enough for a truly cinematic experience. What makes this stand out from the crowd is that it uses OLED technology to produce the onscreen image rather than LCD or Plasma as you might find in most other HDTVs.

The O in OLED stands for Organic and indicates that a next generation strand of LED technology is at the core of LG`s new TV. It allows for unrivalled contrast levels and impressive colour clarity and vibrancy while being housed in a chassis that is slimmer than anything else on the market.

The 55EM960V is ready for 3D content as well as full HD 1080p programming and games, so it is going to slot right into any modern home theatre. The 3D technology onboard here is passive rather than active, so it can easily be viewed by many people at the same time using affordable plastic specs rather than the costlier active shutter glasses.

This does cause some questions to be raised about just how much it will cost you to pick up LG`s latest innovation. In the past other companies like Samsung have dabbled in standalone OLED screens, but with sizes never exceeding more than 15 inches across the diagonal and prices reaching prohibitive levels it has not been a viable option for consumers.

LG is probably going to put quite a daunting price tag on the 55EM960V, but then any new technology is going to start at the top end of the market and eventually drop down to a level that average movie fans might be able to afford. For the time being it is probably worth sticking with a boxoffice theatre ticket if you want big-screen thrills without the upfront expense.

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