The iPhone 5 – The Rumours

Despite the incredible sales figures of the iPhone 4S considering the relatively limited amount of advancements on the iPhone 4, all the signs suggest that the iPhone 5 is set to break records once again. Rarely has a phone gained such publicity so long before a launch is even announced, with the media flooded with rumours of what the new model will and won’t do.


One of the most recent and more unusual rumours is that the new iPhone will be waterproof. Unlike many rumours started more out of hopeful wishes than actual facts, this was suggested by a company behind the HZO technology who claim to be in talks with both Apple and Samsung. HZO is actually a spray that utilises nanotechnology which when applied to a phone can make it entirely waterproof, not preventing water entering but coating the entire phone and it’s insides with a protective cover. With millions of phones being damaged due to liquid related incidents, this could be a very useful addition but with the iPhone 5 not due out until late 2012 there is the real possibility that another manufacturer may have already started incorporating HZO into new models.


A lot of the rumours focus around the actual look of the new phone. The first part of this is the prospect of a thinner body as a result of new touch panel technology that would allow such a change, with many believing that there will be no home button on the new design. This new thinner model seems a very likely development with many phones already thinner than the iPhone on the market. One recent concept released online put forward the possibility of the removal of the original home button and instead integrating a “squeeze” technology, that (as the name suggests) would allow users to return to their home screen by squeezing the phone.


From an operating perspective, analysts Morgan Stanley said in a report to investors and prospective investors in Apple that the new model will fulfill the wishes of the demanding consumers – suggesting that the iPhone 5 will also incorporate a quad-mode chip created by Qualcomm which will enable users to use the phone on 3G networks in addition to 4G and LTE networks.


Rumours of the actual release date of the iPhone 5 are suggesting that it is likely to be in the mid-late 2012. This ties in with previous iPhone releases which many believe are released to coincide with the end of the phone contracts from the previous model, a clever trick (if true) by Apple to maximise sales amongst existing iPhone users. The general consensus seems to suggest that the iPhone 5 will be released around a year after the October 2011 release of the iPhone 4S.


Whilst the rumours vary, one thing that most agree on is that the iPhone 5 is likely to be as revolutionary as past models – but with increasing competition from the likes of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3, it will be interesting to see if Apple are able to maintain their current level of dominance in the smartphone market.

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