Tablet & e-Reader Ownership Uprises Over 2011 Holidays

Tablet & e-Reader Ownership Tablet & e-reader market share in U.S.A. almost doubled following the strong holiday 2011 sales, as suggested by a new research. The research also revealed that almost 19% of adults now own any one of these devices. The Lowered cost of e-reader largely contributed to the surged demand, as reported by Pew Research while the low-cost tablets like the NOOK Tablet witnessed an entry cost decrease to slates & helped the drive demand of Android models.

Pew carried out the survey among 2,986 people who were more 16 years of age and the survey was carried out from November 16 to December 21. However, 10% of those questioned were at least a tablet owner while 10% were e-reader owner.

“These findings are surprising as they followed a period from the mid-2011 to autumn of the same year. The period didn’t witness much change regarding ownership of tablets & e-book readers” suggested Pew.

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